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Welcome to Jersey Glam – Your favorite club wear straight from the Jersey Shore! We have sold items to hundreds of customers all over the world! We carry the hottest items around specializing in juniors and misses club wear and trendy fashions. All of our items come from the best manufacturers in Los Angeles, Mimi and New York. We search for you to find the most sexy, trendy and good quality merchandise. You are guaranteed to get the most high fashionable items at an affordable price.


At Jersey Glam we believe all young women should feel and look sexy at one time or another. We embrace the sex appeal fashion can create and try to find the best clothing that will help enhance all your features!


Most of our merchandise is highly unique. You will find that it is not likely you will find any of these items in the nearby boutique or department store where you shop. That is one of the best things about shopping with us – you are not likely to see the same fashion elsewhere!


We appreciate your interest in our store and hope you have fun shopping! Please let us know any suggestions and comments you may have. If you have any problems regarding your purchase we sincerely appreciate you contacting us. Our email is: JerseyGlam@hotmail.com.


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 Leslie Anne Cranmer

CEO/Founder Jersey Glam